Sideline Cheer

Mott Sideline Cheer - 2018

Sideline Cheer is the Fall portion of our cheer program. Athletes are expected to attend all practices, team gymnastics, team camps, all football games, as well as team fundraising functions. Our fall cheer season is devoted to acquiring incredible stunts, jumps, flexibility, and tumbling skills that we use to pump up the crowd at football games. The summer and fall season are also heavily devoted to conditioning to ensure that all of our athletes are in tip-top shape to perform these skills. Faces, voices, excitement, presence, and great motions are extremely important for excellent sideline cheerleaders and those will also be emphasized during this season.
What's the time commitment? The time commitment for football sideline season is 4-5 days a week of practice which includes 2 days of gymnastics & 1 game a week.

Mott Tryouts

Mott Sideline Schedule

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