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Competitive Cheer is the Winter portion of our cheer program. Competitive Cheer was made an official Michigan sport in 1994 and has evolved into the fastest growing female sport in the State of Michigan! All Athletes are expected to attend all practices, team gymnastics, occasional basketball games, as well as team fundraising functions. We participate in 10-12 competitions each year and each competition consists of three rounds:

  • Round 1: Teams are judged on Floor Mobility, Voice, Execution, Team Coordination, Two Jumps, Difficulty, and General Impression.
  • Round 2: Teams are judged on the "precision drill." All the teams in the state do the same 10 motions at the beginning of round 2. Each team can then choose five skills on which they want to be judged. At least one skill needs to come from each of the three Round 2 categories (jumps, tumbling, flexibility). Skills vary in difficulty. Round 2 also has a general impression category where the motions, voices, facials, formations, and team coordination is judged. 
  • Round 3: Consists mostly of stunting and tumbling.
All Varsity teams head to Districts where the top 4 teams from each district advance to Regionals.  Then the top 4 teams from each region advance to the State Finals. At States, each division will have a winner (4 in total).
What's the time commitment? The time commitment for competitive sideline season is 3-5 days a week of practice which includes 1 day of gymnastics & 1-2 competitions a week.

Mott Competitive Schedule

For more information and dates on the Competitive Cheer Season visit these websites below:
MHSAA website:
CCCAM Competitive Cheer Coaches
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